Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beer/Egg Hunt

Heather (3rd place winna) and I 

 It was the 2nd Annual Beer/Egg Hunt at my friends Dawn and Trent's house! Can't believe I didn't get any pictures with the hosts! So last year there were tons of beers in festive colorful wrappings hidden throughout their property. You had to find a beer and sit on location and drink it to score the points on the can. There were some problems with that though. Number one was warm beer. After chugging multiple warm Lions Head pounders you didn't want to keep going. This year the hosts hid eggs around the yard with numbers in the eggs. These numbers told them what beer you got, how many points and if you won a prize. I won some bunny ears and I drank some beer but didn't win. My girl Heather though came in third place, whoop whoop! A few of us then camped out (first night out in the Scotty for the year!!) and had campfire breakfast in the morning.

Thanks for an awesome time Trent and Dawn!!

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  1. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! We've been juggling ideas for beer related hunts lately... like Beer and Run (I guess it's a Tuscon thing?) and Beer-o-Caching (a variation on Geocaching). But, I think this idea is a winner. I like the addition of points. I'm going to try and organize a memorial day type event like this. Maybe incorporate some memorial day themes. haha