Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birth Month Celebration!

I woke up Monday morning and realized that real life has been happening around me. I was focused on the sunny weather, my two week spring break and my birfday that I forgot other major things that need done around me. Taxes are due in a week and oh yeah school starts today and I have yet to order my books. Yikes. Good thing I have free two day shipping with my buddy named Amazon. Yuck. Those two weeks went sooooooo fast. Luckily this is my LAST TERM and I will have a majorly big party when this shit it ova. Maybe I'll have a margarita the size of a baby swimming pool. My friend Heather always suggests that for a party but it never seems to happen. I will fill a baby pool up with margarita and just lay in that shit and drink it up. Okay home girl needs a glass of wine.

Anyways, My BFF Cami and I share the same birth month and we went out Friday to celebrate. Sangria, mac n' cheese and awesomeness, just what a birthday celebration calls for. For my for real birth DAY I did the usual Easter holiday business. I was really hoping that some one would have had an ice cream cake in there somewhere but that didn't happen. My husband didn't buy me a present either so I ordered myself some stuff today to make up for the lack of birthday spirit around me. Why am I the only person who celebrates my birthday all month? I do not know.

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  1. God damn that was some GOOD mac n' cheese.