Thursday, April 26, 2012

I blog about skirts, returns!

Don't think the cold winter weather turned me away from my love of skirts. I wore a skirt 90% of the winter and now spring. I do now get to enjoy the weekly Jean Fridays at the workplace so that throws of my percentage. I'm glad the sun is back past 5pm so I can show of my skirt collection to you once again! I just got this pretty little thing at the 40% off Old Navy sale last week. It screamed my name.

Back again with the skirt love:
Skirt number six: teal floral patternReason I love it: It's light and breezy and I'm going to wearing the crap out of it this summer. Plus it was cheapy cheap $$$.Reason one why I love skirts: Elastic waists! Sometimes skirts for me are just fancy sweatpants.

Top: Jcrew OutletBelt: Jcrew OutletSkirt: Old Navy Wedges: Frye

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  1. I totally agree - fancy sweatpants! I love to wear dresses and skirts because you aren't restricted by that horrible jean feeling below your belly button telling you that your fat (when you are in fact not) or that you stomach is bulging over (which it in fact is because jeans are made for tiny little people with no fat - what is that?!?!). Plus! They are so much cuter than jeans!