Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jonathan on Why I Drive Everywhere

"I love when I fall asleep when Becky's driving because it's like I'm time traveling. A 2 hour car ride was like 20 minutes to me."

I hate falling a sleep in a moving vehicle. Maybe it's control issues, who knows. I also like driving. That could also be about control issues. The one time I did sleep in a car Jonathan and I were on our way to Vermont and when I woke up he had missed the exit and driven 45 minutes out of the way. I've learned my lesson and now I just drive. Also I like to give J a thrill by helping him time travel.


  1. I love that feeling of time travel too! I used to love falling asleep in the car because the trip would go by so fast! I am a control freak also - so I like to drive. But... I try to let Anthony do it on the regular so I can attempt to be less of a crazy person in the car.

  2. I'm so terrible at sleeping in the car. And if I do manage to fall asleep, I wake up feeling gross and disoriented. But I hate driving other people, because let's face it...I'm a pretty terrible driver. I'm kind of a lose-lose situation!