Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Holy Moly, it's APRIL! April is the bestest month out there. My birthday is Sunday, holla! Bummer that I have to share my special holiday this year with a real one. Darn Easter! Oh well. I celebrate the entire month so we're good. Here's some views from my world lately.

 First signs of spring! Bright skirts, open toes and ice cream!

The fuz girl

Jonathan's Grandpa turned 95!!!/ Jonathan won the lottery (don't get excited it was a lame scratch off)

Hanging plants at Terrain

 Terrarium table and mounted antler plant again from Terrain

 Jonathan's new baby bunny friend/ What I should have bought while treasure hunting

 My dream coffee table with a not so dreamy price tag/ Cute little school chairs found while treasure hunting

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