Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekend hunting

Last weekend my cute little mode of transportation had a check up so we went treasure hunting while the car was in the shop. Jonathan, his sister Jennifer and I hit up some sweet locations in Baltimore. Our first stop was DeBois Textiles where Jenn had reported vintage finds and boxes filled with clothes to dig through. I found a vintage Lily Pulitzer dress and dug through a bunch of nastiness in some boxes. I walked over to a bin labeled "Shape wear" wondering what the hell shape wear was only to discover it's a bin of spanx. Didn't dig through that bin, don't worry. Some girl lost her phone in one of the bins while she was digging. This concerned my husband because of the last mess we had when I was shopping in Baltimore. Next up was Second Chance an architectural salvage warehouse with a bunch of antique and new home pieces. They just moved into a new location so they didn't have the plethora of claw foot tubs and random doors like before. Why were random doors my favorite things to look at? I don't know but I was sad when I saw they no longer had the room of doors. Last stop was Housewerks. This gem is in an awesomely old building that used to house Baltimore Gas Company. There is tons of old random junk here. Old random junk is my favorite. The picture above was taken outside. Old store signage beside toilets, wrought iron fencing and rusty machines. Only down side is the place has no prices so it feels like your at a flea market but these aren't flea market prices honey. I walked away with a handful of random crap and a pretty new dress. It was a successful treasure hunting day, minus loosing my phone in a bin of clothes.

Just joking! My phone is safe.

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