Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's Happening

A list of random things happening over at the Stets household:

Joy got a ragamuffin hair cut late Sunday night. Poor Joy looks like a baby puppy with short hair and a lion's head. She looks very silly.

I was gifted a Kindle for my birthday and I have yet to use it. My current read (in book form) is taking me forever to finish.

I am currently listening to the Harry Potter series via audio book. I read the first three back in the day but I started at the beginning anyways. After my last horrible random selection of audio book at the library I wanted to pick something safe.

I'm watching Weeds. I'm on the third season and it makes me want to punch everyone. Why is this Nancy person so dumb?!?

I walked 9.13 miles Sunday morning. Half of those miles were in the cold and rain. It was it benefit the local rail trail or else I would have stayed in bed. It took me the rest of the day to feel warm again even with the wood stove burning.

I was crafty this weekend which makes me happy.

After weeks of searching I found a bathing suit that covers the goods but isn't momish. I had a celebration dance party by myself after in came in the mail.

I made pancakes for two meals in a row. I was in the mood for pancakes this weekend if you couldn't guess that. Also too lazy to come up with anything else or go to the grocery.

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  1. Awesome job on the hike!! I took just bought a new bathing suit that i am hoping isn't too momish... It reminds me of a classic suit my grandma wore in the 50s :)