Friday, May 11, 2012

Bits of my Week

This week has been crazy!!! Or my new favorite term, cray cray! At my 9 to 5 we've been cramming in a bunch of work to get some garments ready for their upcoming photo shoot so I've been pulling a lot of long days in the office. Lucky for me I'm still in the job honeymoon phase so I don't mind yet. Here's what was happening in my little bit of free time this week.

Dinner with my favorite people! Amanda and Jono (not pictured).

Fur girl cuddles and walks: 

All my veggies are offically in the ground. They are thriving which I'm very happy about.

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  1. I really want to have my husband build a planter box for me that is raised up and kind of fenced off so Angie won't mess with it. Do you think it's too late into the summer already? Also - I think our dogs should be friends :)

  2. It's not to late for a lot of plants if you get baby plants, prob too late for starting from seed. I just planted pepper, squash, cucumber and melons. If you do it soon I think you will be fine. Also you can plant late in the summer for fall harvest of broccoli and lettuces- plants that don't like the hot summer time.

    Our girls would be BFFS FO EVA!!!! Too bad we live on opposite sides of the country! SAD face!