Friday, May 25, 2012

Bits of my week

Four day holiday weekend! Whoop whoop! This week has been a blur with little projects and major homework. Yes I have three more weeks to complain about homework. I have a graduation project and I have to write a 15+ page paper and do some crazy presentation in two weeks. I haven't really started it yet and I getting cranky. Cranky! 

Anyways, not too much on the picture end this week. So I will share with you pictures of my loves that were taken this week. 

Jonathan, the man behind the camera. (also do you like J's cousin trying to give me model coaching?)

Pearl! Also known currently as Baby Ears. The picture below will show you how she got that name.

Joy! She has the biggest ears ever for a 15 pound dog and makes Pearl's ears look miniature!

1 comment:

  1. Your dogs are adorable & the ears thing is too cute! My husband & I have two baby Maltese and we sometimes wished they still have their little puppy ears! (: