Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bunting DIY

I'm a crafty lady. I host craft clubs for goodness sake, so why don't I share the wealth here. Truth is I'm a little lazy. However, with my up and coming free time once this whole education business over I aim to spend more time and energy on my blog space. So everyone get excited. One thought was to introduce some DIY action. Thought I'd give it a whirl while I was making some bunting for that wedding I'm in charge of

Bunting DIY: 
I'm sure there are tons of instructions out there for bunting but here the best one around! This is a crazy easy project for a beginner crafter or sewer! 

First construct a triangle for your flags. My flag was 11" long and 7" wide.

 Next cut your flags out of the fabric. I used a stiff cotton muslin. I highly recommend anyone who plans on cutting out patterns to get a cutting board and roller cutter. They have saved me lots of time, energy and frustration! I've had mine since fashion college so they last!

 Cut a bunch of flags so you can focus on the sewing!

I used 3/4" ribbon for my strand, it's easy to attached and looks great when finished. I spaced my flags 12" apart.

One you have them pinned and spaced it on to sewing. Now you can straight stitch or zig-zag the flags on.

Super easy and cute! I completed a 100 foot strand of bunting during a short afternoon! So a short couple foot strand will be a fun and quick project for you!

Have fun!

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