Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flea Market Chic Vol. 8

Marquee Letters. One of these I acquired the easy way. That's called eBay. The others I got down and dirty for. On a day of thrifting I was elbow deep in a box of crusty letters searching for the letter I need. After successfully navigating through a maze of rusty junk you arrive at bins and bins of marquee letters, no rhyme or reason how they are organized. I would say that there were 5 different sets of alphabets in these boxes. I couldn't find enough for my whole name but amazingly I did find a J, B and &. Thankfully that place had a bathroom so I could wash off some of the nastiness that was all over my hands after rummaging around through those letters that had been sitting out there for a decade. The search was worth it, the store only charged a couple bucks for the letters. My sister in law threatened me that I was going to have to pay whatever price they wanted for them since she wasted her time and clean hands helping me with my search.

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