Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I blog about Bright Skirts

Oh yeah. I wore this,  my new favorite skirt, under a nasty plastic gown for my graduation!! I can't believe I will be done with school FOREVER! The sucky part is because I'm a non-traditional student I have classes until mid-June so the graduation ceremony was a tad premature but I wanted to walk the stage whether I was totally done or not. Just six more weeks. Before the ceremony Jonathan and I went to one of the best restaurants in Harrisburg and had happy hour dollar tacos and margaritas. Totally forgetting it was Cinco de Mayo weekend that place was backed. I didn't stop drink margaritas all weekend and I paid for it in Sunday. Woof.

Skirt love:
Skirt number seven: Poppy awesomeness
Reason I love it: The color! I can't get enough of it. I bought matching nail polish!
Reason Why I love skirts: They are easier to pee in on a tipsy, yeah I'll go with tipsy walk home from drinking too many margaritas

Top: Lands End
Flower Belt: JCrew Outlet
Skirt: JCrew (it was on mega sale too, whoop whoop)
Heels: Nine West from Ross
Bag: I think this is my first ever pose with a bag. Marc Jacobs

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  1. You look hott in red, gur. And the color of your skirt totally complimented those green margaritas... made em POP!