Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MOH Duites - The Bridal Shower

Saturday I busted out my excellent party planning skills and hosted a bridal shower for my friend Cami. It is the 2nd most important wedding hosting event only to be trumped by the bachlorette which is coming up soon! All I needed were my peonies, a dozen borrowed vintage tablecloths, lots of food, tons of desserts, wine, sun shine and clear skies. It was a tad hot but that's what the chilled wine was for! Cami was actually surprised! I'm very impressed with the group that we were able to pull it off. Everyone had a great time and Cami received loads of home goods which her dog will indubitably destroy in the near future.


  1. Best shower ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

    And thankfully the gifts are staying at my parents until we get a larger house where Lou can't destroy things lol

  2. It looks great! So much fun!

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