Monday, June 4, 2012


We went camping with friends this weekend. Muddy Run Campground in Holtwood, PA. We discovered first hand the name of the place 30 minutes after we arrived. Just as we got there the rain started and kept falling all night.

Here is the 'mud' 'running' down the hill in the downpour.

Then we had to hang in Kate and Ray's camper all night.

Luckily the weather turned around for the remainder of the weekend. Other activities included taking a 'short' 3 hour hike, playing games that Katie made the rules up for as she went, campfires, smores and barking dogs. To clarify those barking dogs were Joy and Pearl. We are officially the worst camping neighbors. If you see the Scotty rolling in to a campsite near you, pack up and go home. Unless you like dogs that bark at you when you walk by, then come hang!

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