Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Frayed Garland DIY

I made this super easy and cute garland for my friend's bridal shower the other weekend. She loved it so much she kept it to hang at her wedding. 

Frayed Garland DIY: 

All you need is some strap fabrics and string. For the fabric I used a cream muslin, a vintage bed sheet a sheer linen. For the string I used gardening twine. You could also use yarn or ribbon.

Next rip the fabric into strips. My strips were approximately 1 1/2" wide. how to do this is to snip the fabric at the salvage to get started, then rip! I made my strips 24" inches long.

Then tie the strips in half along the string. I alternated the cream and brown fabrics with an occasional patterned piece. My fabric strip knots lightly touched each other. I didn't make them very tight together because I wanted a lighter look.

I left about 2 feet of string on either side of the fabric strips to be able to tie the garland. 

Then your done! The number of fabric strips will depend on the desired length of garland.

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  1. looooove this! any excuse to get to the thrifts for beautiful linens.... ;)