Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jump for Joy

Here is me jumping for JOY! The jumping for joy isn't for Joy of the fur kind, it is the joy in my whole body because I will never sit in another class for my bachelors degree again! Last night I handed in my last paper and gave my last presentation. I've been stressing about this report for months so a huge weight has been lifted! As promised here is the first of many items "to do now that I'm not doing homework during all my free time".

1. Get to sewing! I have so many ideas and have had so little time. I am on the mission to find some fabulous prints to make me some super cute skirts and dresses!
2. Finish decorating my bedroom. It's 90% there but those little unfinished details are driving me crazy.
3. Finish my wall mural. So I moved into the house and painted my living room white so I could have a crazy mural wall. The lines are drawn and some of the green is up but that is it. It's been like that for 3 years, a big ol' reminder of my lack of free time.
4. Fix up the camper. It's strugglin'. The cushions need covered, but really the whole thing needs a make over.
5. Landscape. I've said it before, the outside of the house needs some gardening love.
6. Paint my porch swing. It's needs a fresh coat to hid the splinters.
7. Install a new front door. Don't think that I will do this project on my own. No way. I will however turn the pressure up on Jonathan who has promised this to me for 3 years.
8. Organize my closet. I feel like half of my wardrobe is missing in the depths of that thing.
9. Blog redesign. I think it needs jazzed up, don't ya think?
10. Work out. Girl, I need to get to working on my fitness.

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