Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camping Close to Home

The family went camping this weekend. Funny thing is the campground that we stayed at is 12 miles away from our house so it was a tiny escape from reality.

What happened over the weekend:
We ate lots of food including 4 pounds of bacon.
The fur ladies were attacked by 2 different mutts that were off their leashes. There is a leash rule at campgrounds for a reason people!
The brother in law stayed on his own primitive site in a location we coined as "tent city". He said he had a private beach.
Lots of "crick" sittin'. "Crick" is the redneck way to say creek. We allowed ourselves to call it a "crick" for this weekend only.
I rode a bike, on a mountainous trail even.
We watched a lot of hippie TV, aka campfire.


  1. this looks like so much fun! your camper is adorable. i've never actually been camping! i would love to be able to take my dogs like you did but i could totally see my basset hound just taking the tent with her if she wanted to chase something!

  2. I'll admit, I secretly love that Pearl looks like a fluffy marshmallow in this pic lol

  3. I love that "hippie TV" and Pearl looks so cute in that photo!