Monday, July 16, 2012

Shut the Front Door

I love my little cape cod, but there are many minor and not so minor changes I would like to make so I never have to move again. I hate moving. I also hate my front door. I probably hated that thing the moment I walked up to it. It's a standard steel door, you know the kind that is plentiful at the local big box home improvement stores. The last owners even added a little flare by spray painting it red. The color is fine but the paint job was less than stellar. Add in having to throw your body weight into the door to open the sucker, the whole situation pissed me off I rarely even use it.

The fun thing is I bought a new front door the weekend we moved into the house. I bought it at one of those seconds type places where they get random home improvement stuff. So it was great and solid wood and the style I wanted. Months go by and Jonathan never installs my new door. Then it turns out he isn't going to install this door because it is a weird size, probably why it was at that seconds store. Three years later I'm still nagging him about a new front door.

We've special ordered a fancy new door and now the installation is in process. It's too good to be true. Now what color to paint my favorite new door??

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