Friday, August 31, 2012

Camping Must Haves

I'm leaving on a camping roadtrip soon (today!!!) and my mind is filled with things to pack and chores to do before we leave. This will be our first week plus long excursion in our little mini camper so I'm a tad nervous but mostly crazy excited. Camping vacations can be tricky with the packing up of the gear and basically hauling your hotel room behind you but I feel like I am prepared with the tools I need to make it an enjoyable trip. Here a handful of items to make traveling in a 13 foot camper a little easier. 

I'm sure you will be sick of hearing this but space is a major issue. The last time we went camping we were surrounded by 50 foot travel trailers and motor homes that offered full size refrigerators, deep fryers, and out door showers. We don't have the luxury of 50 feet of cargo space nor do we want to have it. When traveling in a mini camper you want light weight and compact accessories for your journey.

1. Not all campsites offer tables and we don't feel like sitting inside the camper to prep meals or eat so this aluminum table is light weight and folds up to fit under our bed.
2. The glory of camping is cooking over the camp fire. What we call "mountain pie makers" are a quick and easy way to flame up a delicious grilled sandwich. 
3. Cast iron skillets are the way to go when camping. It can withstand the flame of the fire but can transfer to the camper's cook top. With new cast iron I think Lodge brand is the way to go. You can also find old pieces for cheap at yard sales and clean and remove rust.
4. Coffee is a must everywhere, but it is quite delicious on a sleepy morning at the campsite. I prefer a French press at home but we have a peculator for in the camper. It's not very space efficient but it's a necessity. 
5. There is not much room for clothing in the camper and the dirty clothes situation can get out of control. Clothing bags can keep our clothes separated and organized, plus the campfire smell of last nights clothing can be limited to the dirty clothes bag only.
6. Some campgrounds and parks are huge. When you have to walk 15 minutes to use the restroom that's when a bike comes in handy. The bike needs a basket to haul all your bath supplies to and from the bathhouse. Mine isn't this fancy but it does the trick.
7. When your camper is tiny you want to spend as much time outside as you can. I love my canopy so we can still chill outside in all weather conditions.
9. A battery powered lantern is needed outside traveling and hanging out. 
10. With short hair I'm lacking the ability to throw my hair in a pony or top knot so I need a hair dryer to tame my pixie mane. I like these mini ones that fold and have a retractable cord. 
11. I use glass jars to premix ingredients like pancakes and grilling seasoning so I don't have to haul around a pound of flour with us.
12. I love my Kindle because I can travel with 12 books but take up less space than one single book. 
13. Crafts. For the times your not driving and the spare time you have sitting around the campfire. I'm learning how to crochet on vacation, or at least attempt to learn!

What are your camping essential items? 

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  1. that bike! so cute. and i have never been camping. i think my must bring would be the dogs? or someone who knew what they were doing

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails