Monday, August 20, 2012

The Scotty Gets a New Floor

Last year we bought our little camper and it was a love affair between the three of us (the camper, Jonathan and myself). Like with most love affairs one of the partners will eventually fall out of love. I still can't believe it was me who fell out of love. After the great Scotty search of 2011, this new year I was OVER this miniature vintage travel trailer. I can't say at what point I completely fell out of love with the Scotty but I do remember standing on the drop floor during the day and looking down at the floor and seeing daylight shine in at every corner. From then on I was afraid to take the camper any large distance. What if Pearl jumps down onto the floor from the bed and blows through the floor? What if driving down the road we hit a bump and the weight of the cooler and our luggage leaves the drop floor somewhere along the highway? The honeymoon period between the camper and me was over like many other young relationships. It's flaws were all I could see when I laid in the little bed at night. Luckily, Jonathan never lost his love for this miniature piece of wood and metal and had dreams for it's restoration. That shady floor that I was scared of falling through is gone now.

Jonathan cut the whole rusty metal and rotten wood drop floor out of the camper. He constructed a new sturdier drop floor frame, one that doesn't have 40 plus years of road wear on it. Seriously these drop floors can get snagged on a number of speed bumps and bridges. Then put down a new wood sub-floor which is thicker than the ancient old floor. I can stand on the floor without the fear of busting through. Me and the Scotty I think were just going through the one year itch. That's a thing right?

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  1. oh wow! that's a TON of work. awesome that you guys can do that though!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway