Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road Trip 2012: Travel Notes

A few notes and lessons learned along the way:
1. The scenic way, though very beautiful, isn't always the best way. It may add 2 1/2 hours on the day's drive and land you in a nasty storm.
2. When pulling a camper you should always close the roof vent. You could always pass through some nasty rain while on your scenic drive.
3. If they do call for rain the day of a planned adventure, go anyways because the sun could come out at any moment.
4. Dollar General stores are handy little places and there seems to be one in every town. Plus some DG stores sell beer!
5. In 100 degree weather ditch the plan to sight see around town and find refuge in an air conditioned building. My suggestion, a movie theatre with unlimited refills on popcorn.
6. When you find yourself in a tourist trap embrace it because you know what? You're a tourist! If you still can't shake the funk drink a extra large cocktail with an abnormally long straw.
7. Don't judge a city before you get there. The coolest city in my mind wasn't that cool when I got there.
8. Visit friends and family because they really have the inside scoop on their stomping grounds.
9. Listen to death metal. It's only fair to jam to the husband's tunes after he listened to your entire iTunes collection.
10. Look before you sit down. Twice I was attacked my killer ants after I stuck my butt in their territory.

All photos are from J Stets's instagram. For your fill of campfire and motorcycle shots you can follow him @ stetsonator


  1. All very good pieces of advice. I don't think you can stress the one about the ants enough. ;) Love these photos!

  2. the scenic beautiful way = slow as ever. its' good if you are not trying to make time. we took US 50 to st louis once and it took longer but was a lot neater. took the quick way back.
    and i agree abotu not judging until you get there - it's hard to know until you experience it
    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. You crack me up! I agree with all your advice - especially about thinking someplace will be great and it's just BLEH. Thanks for the tips :)