Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Roadtrip Guest Post: Kelsey from Harbor Cottage

Today my blogging buddy from the West Coast, Kelsey from Harbor Cottage, shares her tips on surviving a road trip! I'll be using these lessons she shares so Jonathan and I don't kill each other somewhere along the highway!

A road trip is a great time in and of itself. However, the long days of driving between destinations can get a bit tiring. My husband and I recently went on a 5000 mile road trip that took us from California to South Dakota and back again in only nine days. With so many miles to cover in only a few short days, we came up with easy ways to keep ourselves entertained (and happy) in the car. Here are my tips for you:
- First, come up with some sort of driving/passenger schedule (it can be flexible) so that you can look forward to your turn in the hot seat (or, the reverse). Being able to count down the minutes til the switch makes those long hours pass by much faster.
- Grab a friend (or two) to bring along with you. We stopped at Archie McPhee’s in Seattle and picked up some funky finger puppets. Our little zombies head banged to AC/DC the rest of the trip.
- Eat healthy in the car if possible, but pack some treats to reward yourself with so that you can avoid wanting to get out of the car JUST to buy disgusting AM/PM donuts at the gas station.
- Take funny photos with your phone or camera. We’re all experts in vanity nowadays with photo sharing apps conquering our smart phones.
- Bring a ton of CDS with you! And SING, SING, SING... unless that drives your companion crazy. Then, sing when he or she is asleep!
- Allow your companion to sleep when they aren’t driving. Forcing each other to stay awake only leads to arguments.
- Finally, whenever you’re annoyed with the mass amount of time you’re spending in the car, just remember that you could be at work like the rest of the world. Wouldn’t that suck?
For any of you that are planning to embark on a road trip… enjoy!!

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