Friday, September 7, 2012

Roadtrip Guest Post: Steph from A Geek in Glasses

Today Steph aka my big sis, shares with us her favorite travel souvenirs.

Hi, I'm Steph from A Geek In Glasses and Becky invited me to guest blog while she's off on her super adventure. While she's off touring the world's largest ball of twine, I want to share with you my passion for tacky souvenirs! I am in love with all things vintage and one item that has always attracted me is the charm bracelet. I love looking at my grandmother's and mother's collection of charms from their travels and events in their lives. When I graduated from High School my parents gave me a sterling bracelet with one charm on it - Graduation Day. I have been adding to it ever since and the best charms are the ones found in the souvenir shops at some of Americas greatest roadside attractions. The bigger the tourist trap, the better the charms! We have been traveling across this country, visiting some of the wackiest places in America and to document our journey I have picked up different charms to add to my bracelet along the way. My mom told me that, back in the day, most every attraction you visited had a rack of charms but today you might have to be a little more creative in the creation of your bracelet. Let's take a quick tour of my bracelet to give you some ideas. The simple ones are the big attractions that have the overly tacky souvenir shops, like Gettysburg, PA and Gatlinburg, TN. These charms are fairly inexpensive, are just the charm and have an attached tag that has the name of the place. The next thing to look for are the necklaces, there are a lot of places that sell charms on chains like my Graceland and Smithsonian charms. Then there are the objects that have little charms attached to them that can be taken apart like the Ripleys Aquarium charm - it was part of a key chain and the Chinese symbol from Chinatown in San Fran was part of another bracelet. Last but not least are the charms that you pick up to remember your trip, but might not be purchased at the location - like my dice to remember my first trip to the casino and the spike mace for the PA Renaissance Faire. This is a vintage way to remember a very now life of road trips and adventures. Best wishes to Becky and Jon on their tour of America's awesome roadside craziness.

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