Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, shitake!

shitake1 shitake3shitake2

Oh, shitake! Shitake mushrooms that is. The husband has been on a fungus kick for a while and as a gift idea I was going to get him a mushroom grow kit. This one I had my eye on from Back to the Roots that grows oyster mushrooms. Well I guess Jonathan spotted my "like" of the company on Facebook and decided to do his own research on growing mushrooms. He found shitake mushroom block kits from Mississippi Natural Products and now we have fungus blooming on our kitchen counter. The next step for the mister is to create his own mushroom blocks to grow shitakes and like mushrooms year round. He is just a tad obsessed.

Now I guess I need some recipes for mushrooms since we have a TON in our house! Send me your favorite mushroom recipes in the comment section please!!!


  1. That's the weirdest yet coolest thing I've ever seen.


    Found this on Pinterest. I've made it twice and it's amazing. I'd cut it in half though, because this recipe makes like 8 massive servings.