Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bits of Becky Lately


Watching: I just discovered the show Ben and Kate. It's in the Tuesday night line up with New Girl so that's how I found it and it's super funny.

Listening: So I went to see an off Broadway production of Wicked this past weekend. Man, I've been singing those songs all week. I also might be jamming out to the Wicked station on Pandora all day.....

Reading: My book news is not good news (aka haven't moved on from what I was reading a month ago). In blog reading, my new favorite blog read is Madalynne. She lives in the same state as me, has the same passions as me (pattern making and the fashion industry) and her site is just so darn pretty!

Crafting: I'm still mad crocheting. I'm building some patterns to feature here so hopefully I will get them up for you soon!

Offline: I FINALLY got a hair cut. Why did home girl think she should grow her hair out?!?! Plus I talked my stylist into giving me an undercut. Mine isn't this hardcore yet, but one day.

What's happening in your life lately?

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  1. madalynne is so super well designed! so pretty.