Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Central Pennsylvania Wine Tour


The weekend before the super storm Sandy hit the area we traveled around the Central Pennsylvania area for a wine tour! The Hershey Harrisburg Wine Country hosted a tour to promote the wine industry in the area. It's an industry that I didn't even know was so big around us! The tour allowed you to tour and taste wines from 10 different wineries. We made it to four with Cassel Vineyards being a favorite of the group. The vineyards grows 80% of the grapes they use for their wines. Quite impressive! I feel like I need to continue my exploration of Pennsylvania wineries! Annnnnnnd also continue drinking wine. Of all kinds.

Side note on Pennsylvania. A friend pointed this out to me and I found it funny. When people ask Pennsylvanians where we are from most of us say PA, not Pennsylvania. I know I do this and even on here I tend to just write PA. Is this common with other states too? Maybe it's a Central PA thing?


  1. Feel free to have fun. I nominated you to http://becreativemommy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/international-liebster-blog-award.html

  2. PA is just a PA thing I believe, and that was brought to my attention before too. You know how us PA peeps rule, we like to be different!!

    Love the pics, esp the one where Jon looks completely uncomfortable - LOL!

  3. I never thought of it before. PA to mean is DUH!! Pennsylvania. Maybe some people don't realize?

    We kind of have that here - a lot of people will say they are from Cali, Norcal, or Socal. I've always been a big "California" person and I try to say the whole name.

  4. I had someone make this observation to me, since I'm from central PA. Another funny thing we do is identify as our phone area code and call our area the 717. Central Pennsylvania is just full of fun little quirks!

    -Morgen Snowadzky

  5. Oh, I totally always say "PA"...I read that before on a "You know you're from Pennsylvania when..." type list. I'm from a suburb of Philly, so I think it's prob more like the entire state does it, not just central PA. It just makes us unique, right? :)