Friday, November 2, 2012

Furry Fridays: B is for Becky


Brought to you weekly by Becky and Steph
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Hello everyone and welcome to the very FIRST edition of Furry Fridays!!! Get excited! I'm Becky from B is for Becky, and as co-host to this fur-fest I get to be the first to introduce (for you newbies) and share my never ending love for my two little fur ladies! Also, say hi to the other host, Steph from A Geek in Glasses!!!!!

So, there is no denying the fur sisters, Pearl and Joy rule the house! How can I say no to those two faces? With those big ears (Joy) and crazy under bite (Pearl), I think my two ladies are the cutest creatures ever. 

I grew up with dogs, tons of dogs. At one point in my childhood we had five fully grown collies living in my house. That's a lot of fur! So there was no question that I would need some fur companions with me, always. My husband never had a dog growing up and couldn't understand the whole "dog obsession" of mine. When we met our first pup, Mr. Griffin, Jonathan was going over the pros and cons of dog ownership. He turned to me for my input which was simply that I wanted to rescue him. Jonathan then said "You don't care if I pulled a dying dog out of a dumpster do you? You just really want a dog." Yes, that's right. If I could, I would rescue every furry being in the Central Pennsylvania area, but I can't so I just give more than enough love to two furry things, Joy and Pearl!

Pearl has lived with us for 5 years now! I can't believe it has been that long. We rescued Pearl from an awesome local rescue Furry Friends Network. She was still a baby at only 6 months old when we was surrendered by her owners to the rescue. She was a crazy little pup who we thought was mostly Chihuahua when she first came home, but now we have no clue after she has grown up and filled out. Her little face and funny smile has been described to me as a "face only a mother could love" but that's fine with me.

Jonathan and I brought Joy home late December last year. She was also adopted through a local rescue and her story was that she was just found wandering outside a shelter in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our family suffered the lost of Griffin earlier in the year and I desperately wanted another snugly fur friend in my home. (FYI Pearl only cuddles on her terms and if you try she will just lick you to death) So I became a regular stalker of I was looking for a Corgi to rescue because I can't get enough of their little stubby legs! Joy came up in my search as a corgi/spaniel mix and after my first glance at those big sad puppy eyes I knew she needed to come home. She did come with some special challenges, like a parasite, puppy flu, and a weird cough!

As you can tell I am a fan of rescuing animals. I don't judge you if you aren't a fan at all, but it's just the way for me. Anytime a see a post from Pearl's rescue of a fur creature that has been in foster care for more than a year or a new addition to their rescue tribe I almost want to cry! All these adorable little guys who just want to have a home! I know rescuing comes with it's challenges (hey, I've faced a lot myself) but the rewards are there, right? Puppy kisses?!? 

My main piece of advice for ANY dog owner is training. I went to multiple classes with Griffin and Pearl to learn the best ways to work with the pups. There I learned about reward systems because each dog likes to be rewarded in different ways, some like treats, some like praise and some like pets. Also, crate training so the ladies have a safe zone to go to when scared or threatened and a safe place to rest when we aren't home to watch over them. 

Thanks for stopping by for the first Furry Fridays. You can always see more of my fur sisters here on the B and check back next Friday for new furry faces!!!

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  1. This is such a cool idea. Maybe I will get involved :)

    1. You should gurl! Get Angie and Axel's faces up here!

  2. I think this is such a great series! Dogs and fashion combined!

  3. I love dogs, cats, I love all animals. My parents did not want animals in the house, but they had. All the animals I brought to our family flat
    (Flat was small). Now I have two children, one is my baby boy and the other is my cat ;-)

  4. How cute! I love your pups. I've had puppy fever lately! I also really dig this color scheme of your look.

    <3 Melissa