Friday, November 9, 2012

Furry Fridays: A Geek In Glasses

Brought to you by Steph and Becky
This is our second week of Furry Friday! I'm Stephanie of A Geek In Glasses sharing with you this week my fur family. Also, say Hi to my awesome co-host, Becky from B is for Becky.
Let's meet the crew:
 AJ, our 1st German Shorthair Pointer. He is 11 years old and hates Maple Trees. He is Houdini incarnate and has cost us a small fortune in household repairs. His story is simple, I needed a fur friend, I went to the new "humane" pet store in town and picked this monster. We call him a pre-rescue because I don't believe anyone else would have dealt with his shenanigans the way we have. Over three years of dog training school, he has learned to pick your pocket, open locks and wreak havoc in an advanced class sit/stay demonstration with over 10 dogs. (It was a proud momma moment )  I am glad that we got him, because he would take a bullet for you then steal your holiday pie while you're getting coffee. ( Which is one drink he will not drink. His second week with us he drank an Irish Coffee that was sitting on the floor by the fire. Let's just say it didn't sit well with the pup and he hasn't touched the stuff since.) Oh - do you want to know what AJ stands for, Almond Joy - because Almond Joys have nuts, Mounds don't.
Next is the lovely Brownie, named for her chocolately color, is a wonderful pet. Another German Shorthair Pointer, we picked her out of a litter of champion hunters at a hunting preserve. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this dog. I love her. She is 10 now and until we moved from CT to PA she never barked. She would moo like a cow, but never barked.  The first night she and I stayed alone in the house on the farm there was a noise in the woods and she found her bark. She is totally obsessed with playing fetch, we played for 8 hours straight one day. She also loves a good yarn party - think cat and yarn ball only bigger animal and the yarn is tied around everything in the house. She is the best.
Then there is Jack. What can I say about Jack...Well, we rescued him on December 23. We went to get a Female Pointer, white with tan markings. When we got there He was neither Female nor Pointer - but he came home anyways. An odd dog who loves his little girl more than anything in the world, has a lot of issues. We continue to deal with his fear of people and his food aggression/obsession.  He is to be a year old now and we believe his is full size which is what I call a medium dog. It's like perma-puppy!
My biggest piece of advice to anyone looking for a pet is to know your breed. This goes for cats as well as dogs. We have had 4 German Shorthair Pointers, 2 rescues, 2 from pups. That breed is super high energy and needs a high protein diet. They have obsessive compulsive issues, the one jumps 5 feet in the air non-stop for hours, one is obsessed with ball play, one was obsessively clean - a nightly bath that started at 10 o'clock every night and lasted for at least half an hour, and one that had a fear (snarly, growly fear) of paper products such as tissues, paper towels and paper plates which lead to obsessive destruction of said items while no one was looking.  This breed also likes a job to do, hunter by nature, a police department in New England started using them as drug finders.
What do you do when you don't know the breed of a rescue? I suggest trying to figure out some parts of the creature, it might help you get to know the inner thoughts of the animal and why they do what they do.  Take Jack for instance, we thought he was part Pointer, that could be true but it is more likely that he is a Lab. He has webbed feet like the water retrievers but he also has terrier parts. The terrier in him explains the digging, mousing, and acute hearing. What do you do with that info? It tells you that the Terrier in him is going to make him high strung and the Lab in him will make him a more snuggle love family pup. The Lab makes him good with kids, the Terrier could possess some "looking for a fight" tendencies so I'm glad that the kid is a little older and he knows his place on the "Alpha" family tree.
That's our fur family and my suggestion to all of you in search of a new furry family member. Good Luck and have a great weekend!
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  1. Do you wanna know something? I woke up this morning and the first blog I wanted to check out was yours - The Furry Friday post!

  2. Aww, such sweet dogs! I've never had a cat or a dog before, but have always wanted one. I love animals - they can be such amazing companions.

  3. Hi Stephanie, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (, and I’m visiting from Friday Chaos.

    What awesome critters you have there! I have a story about my little rescue dog Sophie (Boston/Beagle). If you want to check it out, here's the link:

  4. Awww! What a great story! Cute pics! I would love to do this sometime too :)