Friday, November 30, 2012

Furry Fridays: Of Corgis & Cocktails

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Give a big furry welcome to Katherine from Of Corgis & Cocktails! Thanks for joining in on the fun Katherine!!

me and my corgi

My corgi mix Teemo and I were meant to be together. I called a local humane society  to try and adopt him on Valentine's Day, but he was in the process of being adopted. When I called back a bit later, what I believed to be my dream pup was adopted and gone. But no! The next day I noticed him still up on Petfinder, despite other dogs being taken down over the night, and called again. He had been returned! We rushed to the humane society with our other pup and fell in complete love. Most of us anyway. I'm still not sure Raynor, our basset mix, is always so enthralled by sharing the attention.

teemo & me

Teemo may love me a bit too much. He follows me everywhere and stays within a certain radius of me at the dog park. Only thing he loves more is food. He really, really loves food. He may have gained 5 pounds over the past year as the two of us living alone for a year means he shares a lot of my meals. Oops! His best feature - by the way - is his oh-so-charming overbite. He's not 100% corgi - he's a mutt - so he's a little different. We joke that he is a corgi, fox, ferret, and terrier mix. He also has a lot of bow ties, ties, and jackets to dress up in. He's a fairly ridiculous dog.

Rocks a Lot of Polka Dots

I have another pup too. She's our baby princess and our first dog. Raynor is just now turning 4 years old and definitely a girl after my own heart. Raynor and I are both playful, hyperactive freaks who hate when you wake us up from sleep. She's the strongest dog I have ever met and knocked down a 350 pound fountain in my in-laws' yard once. She has been in Florida keeping my husband company while he went to grad school over the past year, and I am excited to have her back with me now.

You can see a lot more of these two pop up on my blog at Of Corgis & Cocktails.

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