Monday, November 19, 2012

I Will Cut You if you don't enter my giveaway

At work they call me Strawberry Shortcake because they say I'm always happy, singing and dancing. It takes a lot to piss me and from what people have learned you DON'T piss Strawberry Shortcake off or you'll get cut. I try to keep a positive attitude towards life and that's why I keep this space pretty positive because I hate Debbie Downers so I'm just not going to be one. But dude, Friday night required a large bottle of wine because someone had pissed Strawberry Shortcake off hardcore. Now, I don't even remember the multiple things that happened to make me want to punch every person I came in contact with....
so now this is a very long winded reminder to enter my SHARE YOUR STYLE GIVEAWAY

Hop over there and enter the giveaway for one of my handmade yoyo headbands. I will be picking a winner tomorrow night. Good luck and don't piss me off!