Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jonathan on My Cooking Skills


"You're good at cooking, but DAMN do you make a mess whenever you do anything!"

Jonathan is right. I can't make anything without a large mess involved. After I make a meal or even just grilled cheese for lunch there is always a reminder that I was there left on the counters. It may be as little as bread crumbs, or like the week of Halloween when I made dirt for a work party, Oreo crumbs and pudding splatter covering any open counter space. Something else I'm guilty of is using the stove as a counter top. Our counter space is limited, so for example, I'll mix pancake batter on the stove top. Dude, I'm going to be making the pancakes right there makes since to mix it where I will be using it! Only problem is that I will spill pancake batter all over a burner then the next time we have to use that burner it will burn off and stink up the house. Oh, forgot to mention I am HORRIBLE at cleaning up my kitchen escapades. Jonathan follows me around with a sponge when I'm working a culinary masterpiece to clean up the pieces. So I guess he has a right to complain a little at my mess but I did just force him to buy a dishwasher to help with the clean up process!


  1. I so hate cleaning the kitchen too. seriously. it's awful. and i always make messes too - but at least we are good at it right? you win some you lose some :D

    <3 katherine

  2. I make a mess when I cook too. I seriously don't get how the chefs on tv stay so clean!

    I am new to your blog from the blog hop.