Thursday, November 15, 2012

Road Trip 2012: Memphis

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Road Trip 2012: Memphis, TN

Memphis started off fine. We ate at Marlowe's which may have been touristy but they picked us up from our campsite in a pink Cadillac limo and the food was bangin' and then the next morning toured Graceland. When we got back to the camper after Graceland the little tin can was crazy hot even with the AC on full blast, we thought we could find some cool (temperate and fashionable) shops or what not downtown to beat the heat. Man it was freakin' hot. By the time we made it downtown our vehicle was overheating with the air on. We parked at what our map said was a happening square and walked and walked and found nothing. By this time my dress was soaked with sweat and I wanted to punch someone in the face. We left town to find a source of AC (movie theater) and returned to the downtown once it had cooled off some. The famous Beale Street was our destination and to tell you the truth if I was writing this post right after our return home I would have blasted Memphis and Beale Street, but now I realize I was in such a crummy mood from the heat the town was not to blame. I can see how people love Beale Street. You could walk around drinking extremely large fruity cocktails like me. You can hear live music in every restaurant and bar. I however hated every minute of it and if it wasn't for the alcohol I was consuming I probably would have had a temper tantrum in the middle of the street. (Jonathan says I did have a temper tantrum though FYI). I can't write it off entirely since my bad mood clouded my judgement but I can say it wasn't my favorite day of the trip.


  1. Memphis, eh? In the heart of the south. I wouldn't think to travel there but by the looks of your photos, it seems like a neat town!

  2. mmmm the food looks so good. my sis in law lives really close to memphis and after seeing her photos of graceland i really wanna go. i actually get why you wouldn't like beale street - i actually kind of hate situations like that too where it's just an overwhelming amount of people. a similar thing happened to us in baltimore because there was a festival when we went, and i, not having a big fruit cocktail in me like you, got all mad and kind of stormed off.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. That pink limo is amazing! Mmmmm, and dinner. I should visit Memphis someday- I don't live terribly far.

  4. Oh my gosh that blue dress in that 6th photo is SO pretty! I'd love to visit Memphis... So many awesome places in the states to visit!