Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Hidden Surprise

I love my little house. It has it's little quirks and lack of closet space but I'm okay with it. What I hate is the kitchen. I hate the kitchen so much I would move just so I don't have to deal with it. Dude, kitchens are expensive to remodel and all the decisions that need to be made about it like what kind of cabinets, what color of cabinets, what type of counter top, do you want your refrigerator big enough to hold a month's worth of beer. So many questions that need answered.

Then there is a little issue of the floor. A third of our house can be a toasty 75 degrees with our fireplace kickin' and the kitchen is freezing. The kitchen floor can be so cold in the mornings that it hurts your feet. Something is not right here. So, now that the husband has free time on his hands he wanted to get to the root of the cold kitchen problem and insulate the floor. While trying to do this he ran into something fishy. To truly get to the problem Jonathan decided to rip up our kitchen floor to discover what was causing the chilliness in the kitchen.

Floor1 Floor2 Floor3 Floor4 We found a cistern under the floor. Cisterns collected rain water back in the day for household use. Since our home was the first little house built on farm land back in the 1930s I guess this was a logical thing to find? Most cisterns where located under porches not kitchens, but our is surely there with metal doors with handles covered by pine flooring that was THEN covered with plywood and crappy vinyl flooring. Now we have found the problem to the always cold floors in the kitchen, the nice little well like place under the house, we can properly insulate and hopefully more efficiently heat the house. But now my kitchen floor is ripped up and we have opened up a whole new world of problems.

One of the many joys of home ownership, hidden surprises through out the house. Plus, my kitchen drama to be continued....


  1. oh my god! that's totally crazy! i'm glad you guys got to the bottom of the cold floor, but what a pain! i totally want to knock our kitchen down and start over, but mostly just bc it's not my taste...ugh. why is home ownership so expensive??

  2. I can't even imagine how stressful this must be! I love watching renovations and learning more about houses, but I probably wouldn't enjoy doing that on our "own house" when we buy someday...

    Best of luck!