Friday, December 21, 2012

Furry Fridays: A Peony for Your Thoughts

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today the blogger Kate behind A Peony for Your Thoughts is here to share all about her fur love Henry! Thanks for joining us Kate!
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Hello friends!  I’m Kate from A Peony for Your Thoughts.  I was excited when Becky asked me to be a part of Furry Fridays because if there’s anything I love to do its talk to anyone and everyone who will listen about our giant Bloodhound puppy.   I blog about my life as a newlywed, our new house, a little bit of fashion and if I’m being honest a LOT about Henry. 
Everyone always asks my husband and I why we got a bloodhound – since we aren’t hunters and don’t plan on using him for search and rescue.  We don’t really have a good answer besides I’m a sucker for hound dogs (we had a beagle growing up, and my parents have a treeing walker coonhound) and I mean seriously, how can you not love this wrinkly face?
Henry is totally our first “child”, we spoil him rotten and we’re a little obsessed with him.  It’s been a bit of an adjustment welcoming a giant slobbery dog into our new house (especially since the previous owners chose BEIGE carpet for the entire house), but we love him so much.  We got him from a breeder as a 9 week old puppy at 16lbs; since then he’s steadily gained about 5lbs a week.  He’s currently a whopping 87lbs at 7 months and growing.  He’ll top out between 100-140lbs.  We currently have him enrolled in PetSmart training, which has been great.  We figured he’d better have good manners or he’ll be walking us at that size!   It’s going okay so far, hounds are definitely easily distracted but he’s getting there.
Oh, and I was totally charting his growth like a mommy blogger for a while there (crazy or ironic? you decide).  Lately it seems like his growth has slowed a little, so maybe he won’t reach the full max weight for his breed.  We also constantly make up crazy songs about Hen, “who’s that hound?  It’s HEN!  (to the tune of the New Girl  theme song).  And he has a million nicknames; hen, hennanator, henny penny, the littlest hen.  I also just realized the other day that we accidentally named him after Jenna Bush Hager’s husband, Henry Hager.  Oops?  In my family we always gave our pets middle names, so Henry has not escaped that tradition; he goes by Henry Halifax Hager. 
We’re living in a world of baby gates right now, since Henry can’t be left alone without some sort of destruction occurring.  And also we have a cat that is not so sure about him.  She’s pretty brave from behind the gate, and will run up and bat him in the face.  He thinks this is just the greatest and hops around like a maniac while wagging his tail.  I have high hopes that they’ll be great friends one day, fingers crossed.  We’ve had great luck with crate training.  Henry loves his crate and goes in there on his own to sleep or if he gets spooked by something (vacuum, etc).  Hopefully one day, once puppy hood has come and gone, we can just get him a bed in the corner.  For now the crate has really worked great for us.
You can find more pics and stories about Henry over here on my blog.  Thanks Becky and Steph for having me! 

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  1. Oh, Henry is soo stinking cute!! His big sad eyes just melt my heart!

    1. haha it's all an illusion! sad eyes but super happy tail :)

  2. Haha I love that you charted his growth! Why not! I got both my dogs at pretty much full size (okay...they both gained some weight and grew but like 8 months!). Henry is SUCH a cutie and training is so important - I tried PetSmart training but it didn't work for us (depends on the trainer compltely - we found and fell in love with another trainer who did wonders for the pups)

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // fox tote giveaway

    1. thanks :) he grew SO fast that the pictures were pretty cool to look back on! totally agree, we did puppy training through our vet (they had a certified vet tech who offered training) and it was nowhere near as good or structured as our Petsmart trainer is!

  3. Good god what an amazing dog! I love best friends that have four legs<3

  4. I love that adorable face!