Friday, December 28, 2012

Furry Fridays: Words, Words, Words...

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today we are featuring Barbara and her owners! Thanks for being a part of Furry Fridays Barbara!

Charlie sleep
Pod looks up
Pepper scratch
Posky grey

I'm a UK based photographer and cat slave -  I've been owned by cats for about 25 years.  

Currently we have three; there's Charlie (black and white, age about 14), who is a bit of a criminal genius and general nutter.  He came to us when his family moved to Australia - whether this had anything to do with living with Charlie or not is unknown at this time.  He became an insulin-dependent diabetic in July, but thankfully is now in remission (I had no idea that 60-70% of insulin dependent cats go into remission from it).  When he was on insulin he took his twice daily injections without a murmur, which is quite amazing for him!  We take a glucose reading from him every now and then to make sure his blood sugar levels are still ok - he doesn't like this, well would you like being jabbed in the paw with a needle?, but tolerates it in return for tuna or a slice of ham.

Then we have Mrs Pod (tabby).  She's a deaf but very talkative 17 year old who came to us originally from the RSPCA back in 1997. She's very friendly and cuddly, has a tablet once a day for hyperthyroidism and is a martyr to ear infections.  When she goes to the vets she scares the living daylights out of them; once she stomped off into the corner of the surgery and screamed at the corner of the room until we gave in and let her go back in her cat carrier, and once the vet had to actually lie on her to get her to calm down.

Finally there's Pepper (naughty tortie).  She's the only cat we've had from kitten-hood. She's feisty 13 year old, full of fun, loveable, very clever, and is also a Buddhist, spending hours in meditation next to the Buddha in the garden.

And a quick mention for my beautiful grey boy Posky who passed away in November.  He was the oldest member of our crew, almost 19 when he died of CRF, and the friendliest, funniest most awesome cat ever.  He too was from the RSPCA and we had him with us for about 17 years.  We miss him a lot.

Needless to say my cats are fabulous sources of inspiration for my photography, and are all very willing models, Pepper in particular goes into Victoria Beckham posing mode when she sees the camera.

The one thing I would advise pet owners to do (apart from adopting animals from a shelter and not a breeder) is to take out insurance - vet bills are so high now and it's been great knowing ours could have the best treatment that they needed without us worrying about the costs.

Barbara blogs at  Words, Words, Words... // Facebook

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  1. wow! you are a cat lover! Thanks for introducing me to your furry friends!

  2. Thanks Madalynne - I think it's very easy to become a cat addict. I'm sure we only started out with one!