Thursday, December 6, 2012

My manly housewife

So my husband is on temporary lay off from his job. Kinda the worst holiday gift ever but we will get by. However much this unemployment status sucks for our bank account it is great for my home life. I now have a housewife er husband working away at home while I'm at work! I finally got my office painted, a book shelf built, and random shit sold away on Craigslist. One day I came home and the dishes were all put away and the kitchen was all fancy clean. Amazing!!! As this unemployment lasts my "honey do" list grows longer and longer each day. I think "now he has the time on his hands he could build me..... a new bed, fix the stair treads, remodel the kitchen... etc". The unemployment won't last forever and my list could never fully be completed, but we are making the most of it while it lasts.


  1. oh no, i'm sorry to hear about the's always worse at christmas time. but how awesome to be getting stuff done around the house! having a househusband seems like a pretty good deal :)

  2. sorry to hear about your hunnies layoff! That stinks! But you have a good attitude and I'm glad it's giving you (or him?) time to do some much needed chores!