Thursday, January 3, 2013

Becky's 2012 Awesome List


2012 was legit. Not the best year on the books but I have no complaints. Now here is my awesome kick ass shit that happened and I blogged about in 2012!

This was our first year with the cutest family member. No I'm not talking about Jonathan, I'm talking about Joy!
Jonathan said some dumb but hilarious shit.
I got a new cute ride.
I saw my favorite band and visited Terrain. Finally.
I started a craft club.
We went fleain'.
The annual Easter Beer Hunt. 
I hosted a Bridal Shower, Bachlorette Party and was in a wedding.
I got a new tattoo. 
We took the Scotty camping.
Took a quick trip to NYC. 
The husband and I went on a crazy road trip.
I was a tasty snack for Halloween.
I bleached my hair blonde. 
Jonathan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. 
Dude, I graduated! 

Thanks for stickin' around this year and just wait for the kick ass-ness that is coming in 2013! Holla!

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