Friday, January 18, 2013

Furry Fridays: My Mod Style


Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Get ready for an awesome Furry Friday today with Jessie and her gang of furry love! Thanks Jessie!

Hello! My name is Jessie and I blog over at My Mod Style. I blog about interior design, saving the planet, being vegan and my love for life. A huge part of my life is my pet family. You may read my post about my pet family and wonder if I am a pet hoarder. I promise you that I am not. Animal lover, YES. Hoarder, No. When I was a kid growing up we always had lots of pets. Now as an adult, it's the same way. My pets are truly my Fur Babies and I love them with all my heart. I have 6 total, two dogs and 4 cats. Here they all are pictured below...

Jessie PetFamily Collage1Jessie Pet Collage2

My original plan for this post was to get a group photo of everyone together. I guess you could say a pet family portrait. Well, it didn't happen that way and didn't go as planned. Sammy refused to come out of the basement because she sensed something was "up" and just hid from me. The others didn't pose well or didn't make it on the couch before the timer went off. FAIL. (But still funny.)

Jessie Pet Family couch pics

Muffins is the oldest. She is a Yorkshire Terrier and just turned 13 years old. She was my first real pet that was my own. I got her when I was 18 years old. Of course she is my baby. She has been through thick and thin with me and moved 9 times! Two years ago I lived in California with my husband for about 4 months. Just her and I road in my car by ourselves across the country! She loved being a "California Girl." I hope to take her there this year on vacation because she is getting so old. In her entire 13 years of life I never saw her more happy then when she was on the beach smelling the ocean air.

Jessie Muffins beach

How did I end up with so many pets? Well Simon came next. He was just a cute kitten that was at my mom's house from a litter one of her cats had. He was my first cat. That was 10 years ago! Simon is so beautiful. He loves to cuddle with you and tends to forget how big he is. He is the type of cat that puts his face right in yours till you pet him. He also thinks the house is his and everything in it. He runs the show.

A few years later a friend of mine showed up at my doorstep with a tiny gray kitten. She had found him on the side of the road and asked me if I wanted him. At first I didn't want anymore pets, but was sad to think of this sick little kitten not having a home. That's how I ended up with Norman. (It's so easy to end up with a lot of pets!!) He is the sweetest of them all. He is kinda viewed as the "mother". I know that sounds strange, but they all love him. They all seek him out because they love to cuddle with Norman. Norman will also groom them all. He is also the only cat you will ever see tolerate Chloe.

Jessie Pets Cuddling

Fast forward a few mores years. My husband and I bought a house that needed remodeled. During the remodel we lived in my parents basement and my mom had another litter of kitties. Needless to say my heart melted when I saw Sammy and Barrett. They are both my shy kitties. They pretty much only like me but tolerate my husband sometimes. When cats are small and cute, it's so easy to end up with a lot and not think anything of it. It hasn't always been easy having so many pets. We move them with us everywhere we go. Including a 1,200 mile move across the country. They have gotten used to all the moving. I think as long as they are always together and with us they seem to adjust well.

Jessie Pets Sammy Barrett

Before we moved across the country, there was a day we went to Starbucks to get coffee. We decided to just walk into a pet store just to look at animals. Well I ended up going home with a Chihuahua. That's how we ended up with Chloe. She is a hand full. I love her to death but she keeps you on your toes all the time. She is very mischievous. She loves to eat, so I always have to make sure she isn't eating everyone else's food. She loves to cuddle and build little "caves" out of blankets. She is also very loyal.

Jessie Pets Chloe

You can imagine there is never a dull moment in my house. We truly are a family and everyone really does coexist well together. My advise for picking out a pet would be do your research first. Talk to other people who have pets. The hardest thing for us is having dogs with wanting to travel a lot. I never boarded them when they were young, so I won't do it now. You have to start that at a young age I think. Also, dogs take so much more work then cats. Cats can be left alone and pretty much take care of themselves. Make sure you pick a pet that fits into your lifestyle. So many people don't do this and end up having to give them up.

I also highly recommend saving animals from shelters. I adopted Chloe from a pet store which I am not proud of now. I think rescuing a homeless animal from a shelter is one of the most rewarding things you can do. I worked at a shelter for 3 months and learned a lot in that short time period. Not all the animals there are abused or mean. They often have purebred dogs and puppies as well. A lot of times if you go to a shelter the animal will pick you. :)

I really enjoyed sharing this post and hope you enjoyed reading it. Please feel free to stop by my blog and say HELLO! Thanks Becky and Steph for having me!

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  1. Lovely post and really cute animals. When my exams are over, I'm definitely going to mail you with some pictures of my kitty :) xo

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