Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I blog about dresses with a husband!

I can't talk about our weekend with out gushing about my new fancy outfit. I can't gush about my new fancy outfit with out talking about Jonathan's new fancy outfit so what we've got here is a couple outfit post!

I have really been trying to be good about limiting my fashion spending. I was totally going to just wear a dress out of my closet and I was fine with that. Jonathan and I went on a shopping spree for his fancy new duds for this weekend and since he rarely wears anything other than a work uniform or jeans he was in need of a new somethin'- somethin'. After a day of shopping I found nothing for me, another sign I should wear something out of my closet. Then I found things piece by piece, a clearance cape, shoes on sale, a cute dress.... So I didn't just wear some old dress out of my closet.

Dress // Modcloth (here)
Cape // Nordstrom for Target
Shoes // Kohl's
Tights // Target
Bag // Vintage

Pants and Sweater // Banana Republic
Tie // Target
Shoes // Clarks
Glasses // Ray Ban


  1. I adore the whole silhouette of your outfit!! I also have a major soft spot for capes and I hope more people wear them this winter!
    Tres Chic!!

  2. ahhh i SO wanted that dress, but it sold out. it looks amazing on you! i love it!

  3. Cute outfit!

    Love the background for the picture too!

    =) Brooke

  4. You and your husband are quite stylish! I love how you guys braved outfit photos in the middle of a busy street! And I have been limiting my fashion spending too, but it makes me think of all the possibilities that I normally wouldn't think of if I allowed myself to buy new or used clothes all the time! -Jessica L

  5. you both are just so full of style! i adore the dress you are wearing! i also love the location, so lucky to be there!

    lindsey louise

  6. aww, i love your style! i love your dress and cape, look so classy and pretty. and i love your husband style too. kinda remind me of my fiance's style, casual and tidy :)

  7. I found just your blog through Shades of Monet, you are darling girl!! I love your hair so much and that dress is just gorgeous. Love that cape too! So classy. Love your style, would you want to follow each other?

  8. I love your dress, so figure flattering. It goes perfectly with your shoes.

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  9. this is such a beautiful dress! So elegant!

  10. SO cute! I love this outfit and your blog! To answer the question you asked on my blog (I can't find your email)- Ladie's of the Mountain is a series that I started with 5 of my blogging bbf's and adventurers. We love to include other mountaineering monthly guest bloggers. :)

  11. I bought this exact same cape! I couldn't resist it! It looks great paired with your awesome fit and flare dress. I want to wear mine again soon, but I guess I need a fancy enough occasion. Fancier than going to class, at least! Anyway, you both look very dapper!

  12. You guys look great!!! Wonderful photos!