Thursday, January 10, 2013

I blog about skirts in 2013


Winter skirt wearing comes with a problem for me. I'm cold. I wear skirts because skirts are like my pajamas but it does get annoying. I wear tights but my office is freezing and all around me are people wearing tank tops like it's summer and they are super surprised to hear of someone being cold. I don't know who has the problem, them or me? Why are they always hot??? Huh?

Now on to a semi unrelated topic, new years resolutions. I know I'm late to this resolution business, but I really wasn't into it on January 1st. Maybe I was still in a sugar comma from Christmas. Who knows? I really don't make resolutions I come up with dreams and I make them happen because I'm a dream maker. Anyways, mine is a short list this year and one (or more) involve clothing so that's how this all ties in.

2013 Dream List:
- Go to at least 5 places I've never been
- Discover more of my home state
- Cut way back on my clothing spending
- Wear that shit at the back of the closet or get rid of it
- Create more and actually FINISH stuff
- Read/ listen to 52 books
- Put more effort into this blog
- Save some cas$h money

Here we go, wish me luck!


  1. I would wear that! You looks fabulous!

  2. Those are some great resolutions! 52 books is so many!!! Thats amazing! Good luck!!