Monday, January 7, 2013

Jonathan on Reading my Body Language


"I may not be able to read your body language that well but I do know that if you start blinking a lot your fucking pissed off."

It's funny the things you don't really know about yourself. Like, how am I to know that when I'm pissed off I blink way more than usual? I don't do this on purpose! Luckily I have Jonathan to tell me these things.


  1. Lol I love out little "tells" I recently discovered that if I'm nervous while performing then my right cheek starts twitching and my husbands start tapping his fingers in a rythm when he is mulling soemthing over

  2. I will run my fingers through my hair, starting at the scalp, when I'm nervous or talking to someone I don't know. I just noticed this recently. It funny how everyone has little mood based habits.