Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Becky's Top Lipstick picks

I've only become a fan of lipstick a couple of years ago when I tried to kick my lip biting habit. With bright red lipstick on I won't bite my lips because there is nothing worse than lipstick all up in your mouth and on your teeth. Gross. Like I've said before, I love MAC! Over the years of using their cosmetics and getting my free products with their recycling program I have accumulated a fun lipstick collection. Here are my top five.

Check out all of their shades here.

Plus some quick love to Maddie who inspired me to share my lipstick with you all today.


  1. Ooh! they are all so pretty! I know how you feel, I always have my nails painted to stop my nail biting habit! My favorite of these shades is the Ruby Woo!


  2. i need to work on my lipstick confidence, i always feel like people are staring when i wear red lipstick! for the most part i stick to more neutral shades...or, colored chapstick (like covergirl baby lips stuff) like i'm 13 or something ;) ruby woo is my favorite on you!

  3. Yay for lipstick! I've been more and more daring lately with shades - I even went deep red! It's such a quick update to a look.

  4. Candy Yum-Yum and Ruby Woo look awesome on you! They are your colours for sure!

  5. The candy yum-yum is such a pretty color on you! Really makes your face pop! I don't think I could pull off something so bright!