Friday, February 22, 2013

Furry Fridays: Daddy Space

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
James from Daddy Space pays tribute to a beautiful dog and friend.

Hello I'm James the blogger behind Daddy Space thank you so much to Becky and Steph for letting me post about my dog.

It was a long drive to the kennels to pick up our very playful and fluffy golden Labrador who we would call Sam. On the drive back he wasn't a happy puppy at all he totally hated every second of the journey home. He soon settled in to his surroundings and from what I can remember he didn't howl the house down too much. My dad would have been the person getting up, so maybe he has a different account of events.
I'm 25 now and I'd have been 11 when we first got Sam I remember deciding that he was going to be my dog and I'd always be there for him. He spent the majority of his puppy years chewing furniture, pooping and weeing everywhere, all in a days work for a puppy. It was always a pleasure coming home from school to his wagging tail and excitable nature. The routine was home from school, din din's and then a walk up the field. When it was raining heavy I'd put on my big coat and take them up the field as per usual. I'd pretend I was in the army and that I was being forced to march on through a battle field in horrendous conditions (I must have looked a wally)
We used to take Sam to the beach, it was one of his favorite places to go. I recall one time we went and the sea was a bit stormy and Sam charged in to the water and charged through the broken waves as he loved to do. This one occasion he went in and was caught out by a wave which hadn't broken yet. Sam was caught in the extreme current which occurs when a wave is building and no amount of swimming on his part could get him away from this wave. It inevitably broke and washed him in. I had never seen the look of so much fear on his face before. He was staring right at me when he got caught I was powerless to help. He was needless to say ready to go home after that encounter and spent most of that evening feeling a bit sorry for himself.
Sam was a happy go lucky young/teen dog however as he started to become a more mature dog he needed to slow down. His hips were becoming a problem for him stiffening up all the time but numerous trips to the vet kept that problem for him as minimal as possible. However it did slow him down a lot and big trips out to the beach became less and less. As you can see above he had to be held back a lot he became more contented with cuddles instead of exercise. The golden retriever in the above, is his little sister Honey.
This picture was taken about three years ago, this is probably the last photo I have of Sammy before his age and hips got the better of him. 

Sadly due to his deteriorating condition we had to have him put down on the 1st February 2013 he was not a very well dog. I wanted to do this post to celebrate his life and remember all the good times we had I will never forget him. He was truly an amazing dog and best friend.
Sammy Gibson Best dog in the world

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  1. this is a lovely post and made me a little teary eyed! sam was so lucky to have a loving family and sounds like he lived a wonderful life! sorry for your loss and hope you can enjoy all your happy memories!!

  2. That was a wonderful post! I am so sorry he is gone. At least he had a long happy life :)

  3. What a cute series! Sammy looked so sweet.

  4. It's heart breaking losing a family pet, such a lovely post remembering Sam.