Friday, February 8, 2013

Furry Fridays: Taking Notes...Coast to Coast


Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Get ready for a sweet furry face and Danielle from Taking Notes...Coast to Coast!

Hello B is for Becky readers! I'm Danielle, the blogger behind Taking Notes...Coast to Coast. I blog about my crazy decision to move across the country for the man I love and the consequences that ensued! The worst being that shortly after my move my heart was stolen by another adorable, four-legged boy that is. 
Meet Huckleberry! 
Three months after moving to Washington this little man entered my life and everything changed. He is the only living creature who can poop on my carpet, ruin a new cashmere sweater, and chew a hole in the wall of my rental home and live another day.
I mean, look at that face! 
We got Huckleberry at 8 weeks old knowing we'd fall instantly in love, but it took me by surprise just how much room in my heart this pup could steal. 

When I got Huck I had only been living in Washington for 3 months. This was the first time in my life I had been away from all my family and the only friend I had nearby was my boyfriend.
I was lonely. Dogs make great companions. It made sense.  

I soon discovered that Huck was pretty much obsessed with me :)
Every where I went he tagged along. He slept by me at night, waited for me right outside the bathroom door when I took a shower, laid right by my feet while I cooked...
There was hardly a moment that I couldn't hear his little paws tip-tapping behind me.
For the first 9 months of Huck's life it was just me and him in my little lake home. 
There were nights when I stayed up all night with him because his sensitive tummy had made him sick again, there were moments when it was just me and him sitting quiet and content in front of the fire, and there were occasions when I would wake up to my 3rd pair of slippers being chewed to pieces.

To say Huck and I developed a strong bond in those 9 months is an understatement. On some weird level, Huck became my best friend.

Now I'm married, and Huck, my husband, and I are one happy little family. 
We love this dog like he is our first born! And he loves us like we're gods...
...maybe that's why we love him so much ;)

But that's the thing about dogs. 
They love you every single day just as much as they did the day before.
I've always heard that dogs have the capability to touch a part of the heart our fellow humans don't have the ability to see. They can pick up on needs that we may not even be aware of. And they simply love with every fiber of their cuddly beings.

That's completely true for Huck.
And I can't image my life here in Washington without him.

To read more about our journey with Huckleberry, stop by my blog!
Or follow along on Instagram!
He likes to make an appearance there on the daily :)

Danielle blogs at Taking Notes...Coast to Coast // Instagram

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  1. Thanks for having me today Becky! The post looks great! :) And Huckleberry loves being in the spotlight on someone else's blog ;)

  2. i love huck, such a handsome pup! :)

  3. Huck has such a sweet face!!


  4. Oh My GOOOODNESSSS that is the cutest little pup!