Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sew for Victory: The Dress

I was super excited when I saw Rochelle from Lucky Lucille's 1940s inspired sewalong because I had just scored a ton of vintage patterns. This gave me the motivation to sew one of my patterns ASAP! The Simplicity pattern I chose was undated but its very 1940s. Amazingly I didn't have to do many alterations to the pattern! The only adjustment needed was to make the neck wider (many that thing was choking me) and that also meant adjusting my collar to fit.

A happy spring dress for a beautiful spring day! Happy Easter everyone!

Here is my pattern and here is an up close shot of my fabric.

Also travel to the Sew for Victory flikr group to see the other amazing projects!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Furry Fridays: JellyBones

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today, meet Trish from JellyBones and her adorable fur creature, Tootsie Roll!

Hey there fellow geeks in glasses!  My name is Trish, and I am the driving force behind JellyBones, a blog about my many loves, food, drink, craft, and my itty bitty fam.  Although I don't have any human children, I've got my spoiled little bit, Tootsie Roll.  Oh my gosh I just love this little lady.
furryfriday1 photo furryfridays1_zps0da8e90c.jpg
My fiance and I first met Tootsie Roll on April 10th, 2011.  She was only 10 weeks old, and my heart just melted.  She ran up to me and wanted to just be held from the moment we met.  There was no turning back...... I was in luuuuuuuuuuuv.  She's a salt and pepper mini-schnauzer, although I've never seen one that looks quite like her before.  Maybe it's the giant floppy ears, or the haircut.  Or maybe we were duped and she's a mutt.  All I know is, she's my little companion.
furryfriday3 photo furryfridays3_zps812085df.png
Tootsie became part of our family in a heart beat.  We took her EVERYWHERE!  I even took her to work.   I guess you could say we coddled her, still do.  ha!  
furryriday5 photo furryfridays5_zpsb052af02.jpg
Tootsie may be the sweetest little dog in the entire world.  At least I like to think so!  I'm probably a bit biased though. :) 
She loves to cuddle.  SOOOO much cuddling.  We've literally created a cuddle monster!  She'll paw at you when she wants some loves, so, like, constantly.
furryfriday7 photo furryfridays7_zps5e1362a9.jpg
Tootsie's favorite things to do are cuddle, eat clumps of grass, cuddle, collect toys (but her most prized possession is her duckie), eat vegetables, cuddle, grunt, give high fives, oh yeah and did I mention cuddle!  
furryfriday9 photo furryfridays10_zps4f07b3f0.jpg
This is Tootsie in her favorite spot.  Top of the couch with someone there with her.  I had no idea this little bit would steal my heart the way she has!!!  
Thank you so much Stephanie and Becky for letting me a part of Furry Fridays!  I love an excuse to talk about my pup. Wanna read more about JellyBones life???  Pop on over and have a look around.  I love meeting new blogging friends, and especially fellow animal lovers.  I'm looking forward to reading more Furry Friday posts. :)

Trish blogs at JellyBones // Facebook // Tweets

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life Minus Husband

Okay, having Jonathan away for weeks at a time sucks like 92% of the time, but it can't be that bad ALL the time. I try to be an optimist so I do think about the awesome shit of being a single roommate most of my days.

- Less cleaning. Dishes, laundry and man dirt. There is only one person here making a mess and no man dirt to be seen so my chores are a little lighter!
- An empty bed. I can lay diagional. I can have five pillows. I don't have to fight to keep four blankets on the bed!
- Less grocery shopping. Dude, Jonathan eats a lot so now my grocery bill and shopping time are cut down.
- No one is here to tell me to stop buying house plants!
- Only me to cook for! Yes, I think I will eat cereal every night this week thank you.
- Want to have a ladies night? Come on over girls because it's open ladies night at Becky's house all weekend!
- Let's face the facts. There is one good spot on the couch and now I don't have to fight anyone for it.
- No man TV shows! When is the last time I had to watch Extreme 4X4? I don't know and I don't miss it!

It's the little things to keep me happy during my Jonathan free time. It's sad but I'm getting by.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dude. Colorado. (Part 2)

Dude. Colorado snow is awesome.

Our last full day of snowboarding in Colorado it snowed, and snowed and snowed. It was great. I finally got to experience fresh powder in the West. What everyone talks about out here in the East Coast. "Man, you haven't rode until you hit some fresh powder out in the West!" For real people really say shit like that. I would compare snowboarding in that fresh snow to floating on clouds. I loved it. I loved Colorado. Why can't I just LIVE in Colorado? 

I have snowboarded fresh powder in the West and now I guess I can die happy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jonathan on Pearl's Food Intake

This message was via text message because that's how the Stets' communicate now that ol' Jonathan is slaving away in another state. Oh and warning because this is how shit gets romantical in this marriage.

Jonathan: You don't know how much I miss you.
Me: (Sent with the above picture) Probably as much as this dog loves food!
Jonathan: That is a good comparison.

See romantcial.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Furry Fridays: Puppies-Puppies

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Meet Sinea of Puppies-Puppies and her cute pups!

Thank you so much, Stephanie & Becky, for inviting me to share my “Furry Friend Story”. My name is Sinea (pronounced SEENA) and next to God and family, dogs are my first love. I can’t imagine life without them, can you?
I am a fulltime blogger. My primary blog is called Ducks ‘n a Row and it’s about organizing, time management, recipes, decorating, DIY projects, family, and so on. It’s lots of fun and growing fast. Why another blog? Because we got a puppy. She was the catalyst. Her name is Sadie, and even before she arrived I had a lot of questions about raising her. It had been years. The more I read, researched, asked and learned I found myself wanting to share about it.
So, I decided to start a blog dedicated to all who love puppies. I call it Puppies-Puppies. It started as a Facebook Fanpage (please LIKE our page!), since blogs take longer to develop. is definitely in its infancy. (I guess you could say it’s a puppy, too.) In fact, I’m still working out the bugs in the URL. It will be fixed soon, till then just use the link in this article and it will take you right there. As you will see, we could use a few followers on the blog, too. (As of this moment, we have 59 Facebook Fans and 3 blog followers, one of whom is ME!)
We have two beautiful yellow labs. Lexi is a big 8 year old English lab that we rescued over 4 years ago. Prior to that, she’d been used for breeding in a puppy mill. (You will soon be able to read her story on Puppies-Puppies. Stay tuned!) The other is little Sadie. She is now 6 months old. Cute as can be and VERY puppy. Sadie is so active that I should have lost weight chasing her around. (I must have increased my eating…I did not lose weight.) I cannot express how thrilled I was when she finally learned “sit”! Then she added “sit/stay” – more than I could have hoped for so early in her training. We still have a lot of work to do, though. She loves pillows and not with good in mind. Running through the house, swinging them around and…if she has time…ripping them up. That’s what she thinks they are there for. Toys! She’ll eventually learn. Until then, many rooms are off-limits.
Big yellow lab with little yellow lab
The two dogs get along well but Lexi is old enough that she doesn’t want to play as much as Sadie does. (Sadie wants to play all the time!) When that happens, I step in and play or go out to toss the ball for her but I’m not a dog. Sadie inevitably will be back jumping on Lexi, looking to wrestle. It’s fun to watch them when Lexi plays, too. Big and little. So cute. Lexi is very gentle with her. Please Join Us: Puppies-Puppies will be offering a repertoire of “puppy things” for all of our dog-loving readers. Stories. Pictures. Puppy videos. Dog care advice. Resources. Everything that those of us who love dogs enjoy. I’m looking for lots of interaction, too. Let’s share. So, if you are a dog lover, stop by both the blog and our Facebook page. Become a subscriber and like our page so that we can stay in touch…Sinea

Sinea blogs at Ducks 'n a Row and Puppies-Puppies // Facebook

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dude. Colorado. (Part 1)


Dude. Colorado was amazing.

Our goal for this vacation was to snowboard out West before life got complicated (like have kids) and we got too old (like brittle bones old). I found an awesomely cheap flight to Denver so that is how we determined our snow-cation. We rode and stayed at Winter Park Resort which I think is the closest major mountain from Denver's airport. With our miniature Mountains here in Pennsylvania anything in the state of Colorado would be a huge improvement. Other than snowboarding our plan was to relax and soak in as much togetherness as possible since J will been traveling a lot more now for his work.

On the mountain the first two days were sunny with highs in the 40s. The view was so unreal. I had to keep stopping and look around, I couldn't believe I was there. Oh, and the snowboarding was pretty awesome too.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's been blowing my mind lately

Here's what's been blowing my mind lately and not in a good way.

- For anyone who has been living under a rock brace yourself, Google Reader is outty 5000. I know this seems to be what everyone and their blogging sister has been talking about lately but it blows my mind. I've been using Google Reader forever so now I've been trying the different options out there and we will see which one I like the best.

- So now that issue is out of the way I want to confess that Google+ blows my mind. What am I to do with it? Why do have these circles? Why is it every time I have a new "friend/connection" they end up in all of my circles? Does anyone use Google+ on the regular and is that what Google expects me to do when they diss Google Reader?

- To stay with the Google trend for one more minute, without Google Reader will everyone stop using Google Friend Connect? Is there a reason for GFC to stay around? Does it link to Google+? See this shit has been blowing my mind lately!

- Another thing that has been brought to my attention again recently that blows my mind is Steampunk. Like what really is steampunk? I feel like no one can give me a clear answer on that. There is a steampunk convention near me soon, so should I go there to see what this is all about? The flyer said there will be steampunk films. That opens up a whole new list of questions.

- Dude, health insurance blows my mind. Why is it so crazy expensive? I'm healthy, my man is healthy why do I have to pay hundreds of dollars a month to not go to a doctor. It's just retarded.

- The weather blew Central PA's mind this week. We went from cold and snowy last night to a bright sunny 50 degrees this afternoon. For real? I want spring and open toed shoes.

What's been blowing your mind lately?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Furry Fridays: The Militant Baker

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today we have Jes and the cats she is crazy for. Thanks Jes! 

I have a diagnosed mental disorder.

And I'm a single gal with three cats.

Yes, I am a certifiable crazy cat lady. And damn proud. My three furry children are the happiest thing in my life, so no regrets with my collection. I can't really tell you how I ended up with such a handful, but they make the best roommates, so no complaining here.

Is it any surprise that I couldn't get a clear picture while holding all three cats? I only had two chances. Total failure. But I only ended up with one desperate scratch, so I suppose it could have been worse.

I didn't get my cats from The Humane Society, but I did rescue my oldest from a Wild West Themed town and the other two came from unhappy households. I'm so thrilled to give them all a home.

From top to bottom: Inga was the wild west kitty. In Tucson there is a themed miniature "city" that harkens back to Arizona's rowdy history. It has a miniature train, a restaurant  shops, a theater and several other fun activities. Unfortunately there is a ridiculous assumption by tragically cruel cat owners that this part of the city is a good place to dump unwanted cats. The thinking that they can just catch the rats that don't exist. Good god. The animal hospital next door finds itself flooded with rescues with no place to go, and Inga was one of them. She came from a litter with 5 black brothers and the second I saw her I knew she was a gem. And I was right. The crankiest, grouchiest, most ornery gem ever.

Owen was saved from a house that would say anything to get rid of the kittens. I had no idea that he was only a few weeks old and needed to be bottle fed every two hours. This turned out to be the most precious experience yet... and I think the feeding created a strong bond. I adore him so.

Fisher is a (mostly) Maine Coon which means he is the cuddliest teddy bear, and my best buddy. He came from a similar situation as Owen, and he keeps me warm at night.

The only tip I have for you is how to corral three cats for a family picture. It calls for shaking and distributing treats, and then nabbing each cat starting with the smartest down to the slowest. That way no one knows whats coming. As for holding them still for the photo? Beats me.

Jes blogs at The Militant Baker // Pins // Bloglovin // Facebook

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jonathan on his wardrode

While I'm editing our vacation pictures here is what good ol' Jonathan said about the pictures of him:

"I need a more vibrant coat so I stand out more in all these pictures you take of me."

And the number of pictures of him greatly out weigh the pictures of me. Looks like someone wants to be featured on the blog more...

Jonathan on another coat in his closet.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colorado Adventure

We are back from Colorado and let me tell you, the trip was awesome. But getting to Colorado was far from awesome. See the east coast was prepping for a massive blizzard that was to hit the day we had scheduled to leave. Our departing flight was pre-canceled, that meant I had to spend hours on the phone scheduling a new flight to leave that night before the storm came. I rushed home from work to prepare for our flight on Tuesday night only to find out our back-up flight was then canceled. I couldn't believe flights were being canceled when the sun was shining and the skies around us were blue. Craziness I tell you! Thankfully we did leave early on Wednesday (the day of the "blizzard") and had no trouble after that but the thought of possibly missing out on our trip due to some flurries had me stressed out!

How much snow did Central Pennsylvania get? A light coating here and in some places I've heard received up to 4 inches. That's not a blizzard. Talk about over reacting weather forecasters! The surrounding airports were canceling all flights for Wednesday because the blizzard was coming and most places got only rain. Grrrr. Okay, the bitching about over reactions to weather forecasts will be left to another day.

More Colorado vacation gushing to come.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Furry Fridays: At The Dog Park


Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today in Fur-town is Madison and her dog park loving friends!

Hello Dear Readers! This is Madison from At The Dog Park, a blog dedicated to my two wonderfully, rambunctious rescue dogs, Axle and Clover. Most of my posts consist of our adventures at the dog park, DIY projects, and Nashville's local arts. There is nothing I love more than to load up the car on a Saturday morning with Axle and Clover and go to the dog park! I really enjoy taking pictures of all the dogs running around and playing. So when I was asked to do a guest post for Furry Fridays you can bet I was beyond stoked!
I actually don't have that many pictures of the dogs and I together, since I'm usually the one behind the camera. So here is a collection of pictures from my webcam! I can just here Axle saying, "Momma you are embarrassing me!"

Let me introduce my awesome doggies! Axle is my sweet and stoic three year old Red Heeler/Akita/Pit Bull mix. I adopted him from a shelter back in June 2012. And he is a cuddle monster!! I have never had a dog as affectionate as he is. It can sometimes get a little ridiculous, because he weighs 65lbs and thinks he's a lap dog. He is my shadow where ever I go, and I have no idea how I got so lucky to have such a wonderful dog.

 Clover is my crazy 1 year old, 75 lb, Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever mix. Clover has got to be one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen. And I'm probably a little bias, but everywhere we go someone always comments on how pretty she is. She also has to be one of the silliest dogs I have ever seen. Its not unlike her to break out in a, what we call, 'Wiggle Dance" for absolutely no reason. She is such a sweet girl. I love them both very much, and am so thankful to be their Momma!
One of their favorite games is Tog-of-War.

Today I would like to share with you a little about our favorite thing to do, (you guessed it!) go to the dog park! Our favorite park is about a 30 minutes from where we live, but totally worth the drive. We usually go on the weekends, and if the weather is nice, it will be packed! This particular park is the biggest (and best) one in Nashville. It's a HUGE fenced in park with tons of trees, a doggie water fountain, a paved path running through it, big boulders for the dogs to climb on, a hilly area and a flat area. It provides a lot of different terrain for all the dogs to enjoy. And it also has about a dozen park benches for the 'parents' to sit and chat, and watch the dogs play.
Clover giving us her best 'fashion model' pose.

What I like most about taking my dogs to the park is that its their time to just be dogs. They can run, jump, dig, roll around, climb on things, and play with other dogs. I love how excited Axle and Clover get every time I ask them "Hey guys! Wanna go to the park?" And as soon as I say the word 'park' they run to where their leashes are, wiggling with excitement. Its a real treat for me just to know that they really love going.
Axle's 'cheesecake face'.

It is so important as a pet owner to make sure that your dogs are well socialized and exercised regularly. And since I don't have a big back yard or would ever be able to run with them as fast or as far as they can, the park is a great outlet for all of their energy. They also have an opportunity to make a lot of friends at the park. Its always great when we see another park regular and Axle and Clover run right up to them and they immediately start playing! Just like they are picking up where they left off, the last time they saw each other.
Clover loves to bask on the big rocks at the dog park.

 The park is a wonderful place for dogs, its safe, fun, and a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. I'm so very thankful that we live in a city that supplies this kind of facility with no admission fee. I know a lot of larger cities charge memberships to their dog parks. Which does deter some people from going. But we are definitely lucky to have such a great place for the dogs to play.
Axle getting all tuckered out after playing with all the other dogs at the park.

Taking your dogs to the park is also a great way to socialize with, and meet other local people. I can't tell you just how many different and interesting people I have met just by going to to the dog park. Everyone has their own stories about how they adopted their pets, and most of them are more than willing to share with you. So far everyone at the park has been very friendly and happy. And how could you not be with all the cute doggies running a muck! Haha! Its just such a wonderful experience for all involved, K9 and human alike. I hope that all of you have enjoyed reading about me, my dogs, and our dog park. Please stop by my blog and check out all the pictures that I take on our adventures there, and don't forget to say hi! We are always happy to make new friends!! And we also want to say a special THANK YOU to Becky and Steph for having us!! You guys are awesome!

Madison blogs at At The Dog Park // Bloglovin // Tweets

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