Friday, March 8, 2013

Furry Fridays: At The Dog Park


Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today in Fur-town is Madison and her dog park loving friends!

Hello Dear Readers! This is Madison from At The Dog Park, a blog dedicated to my two wonderfully, rambunctious rescue dogs, Axle and Clover. Most of my posts consist of our adventures at the dog park, DIY projects, and Nashville's local arts. There is nothing I love more than to load up the car on a Saturday morning with Axle and Clover and go to the dog park! I really enjoy taking pictures of all the dogs running around and playing. So when I was asked to do a guest post for Furry Fridays you can bet I was beyond stoked!
I actually don't have that many pictures of the dogs and I together, since I'm usually the one behind the camera. So here is a collection of pictures from my webcam! I can just here Axle saying, "Momma you are embarrassing me!"

Let me introduce my awesome doggies! Axle is my sweet and stoic three year old Red Heeler/Akita/Pit Bull mix. I adopted him from a shelter back in June 2012. And he is a cuddle monster!! I have never had a dog as affectionate as he is. It can sometimes get a little ridiculous, because he weighs 65lbs and thinks he's a lap dog. He is my shadow where ever I go, and I have no idea how I got so lucky to have such a wonderful dog.

 Clover is my crazy 1 year old, 75 lb, Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever mix. Clover has got to be one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen. And I'm probably a little bias, but everywhere we go someone always comments on how pretty she is. She also has to be one of the silliest dogs I have ever seen. Its not unlike her to break out in a, what we call, 'Wiggle Dance" for absolutely no reason. She is such a sweet girl. I love them both very much, and am so thankful to be their Momma!
One of their favorite games is Tog-of-War.

Today I would like to share with you a little about our favorite thing to do, (you guessed it!) go to the dog park! Our favorite park is about a 30 minutes from where we live, but totally worth the drive. We usually go on the weekends, and if the weather is nice, it will be packed! This particular park is the biggest (and best) one in Nashville. It's a HUGE fenced in park with tons of trees, a doggie water fountain, a paved path running through it, big boulders for the dogs to climb on, a hilly area and a flat area. It provides a lot of different terrain for all the dogs to enjoy. And it also has about a dozen park benches for the 'parents' to sit and chat, and watch the dogs play.
Clover giving us her best 'fashion model' pose.

What I like most about taking my dogs to the park is that its their time to just be dogs. They can run, jump, dig, roll around, climb on things, and play with other dogs. I love how excited Axle and Clover get every time I ask them "Hey guys! Wanna go to the park?" And as soon as I say the word 'park' they run to where their leashes are, wiggling with excitement. Its a real treat for me just to know that they really love going.
Axle's 'cheesecake face'.

It is so important as a pet owner to make sure that your dogs are well socialized and exercised regularly. And since I don't have a big back yard or would ever be able to run with them as fast or as far as they can, the park is a great outlet for all of their energy. They also have an opportunity to make a lot of friends at the park. Its always great when we see another park regular and Axle and Clover run right up to them and they immediately start playing! Just like they are picking up where they left off, the last time they saw each other.
Clover loves to bask on the big rocks at the dog park.

 The park is a wonderful place for dogs, its safe, fun, and a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. I'm so very thankful that we live in a city that supplies this kind of facility with no admission fee. I know a lot of larger cities charge memberships to their dog parks. Which does deter some people from going. But we are definitely lucky to have such a great place for the dogs to play.
Axle getting all tuckered out after playing with all the other dogs at the park.

Taking your dogs to the park is also a great way to socialize with, and meet other local people. I can't tell you just how many different and interesting people I have met just by going to to the dog park. Everyone has their own stories about how they adopted their pets, and most of them are more than willing to share with you. So far everyone at the park has been very friendly and happy. And how could you not be with all the cute doggies running a muck! Haha! Its just such a wonderful experience for all involved, K9 and human alike. I hope that all of you have enjoyed reading about me, my dogs, and our dog park. Please stop by my blog and check out all the pictures that I take on our adventures there, and don't forget to say hi! We are always happy to make new friends!! And we also want to say a special THANK YOU to Becky and Steph for having us!! You guys are awesome!

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  1. AW! They are both so cute - I wish I could go to the dog park more often. Puppy day care seems to work out so much better for my dog - people get so nervous at dog parks and it affects them so much.

  2. Thank you so much for having us for Furry Fridays! You guys are AWESOME!


  3. great post! love seeing the doggies running around and having a blast! i can't wait to take my dogs to the park once it gets nicer. they're pugs (previously featured here :)) so they get tired pretty fast, but it's fun to see them run around. love these dog posts!! :)