Friday, March 15, 2013

Furry Fridays: The Militant Baker

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today we have Jes and the cats she is crazy for. Thanks Jes! 

I have a diagnosed mental disorder.

And I'm a single gal with three cats.

Yes, I am a certifiable crazy cat lady. And damn proud. My three furry children are the happiest thing in my life, so no regrets with my collection. I can't really tell you how I ended up with such a handful, but they make the best roommates, so no complaining here.

Is it any surprise that I couldn't get a clear picture while holding all three cats? I only had two chances. Total failure. But I only ended up with one desperate scratch, so I suppose it could have been worse.

I didn't get my cats from The Humane Society, but I did rescue my oldest from a Wild West Themed town and the other two came from unhappy households. I'm so thrilled to give them all a home.

From top to bottom: Inga was the wild west kitty. In Tucson there is a themed miniature "city" that harkens back to Arizona's rowdy history. It has a miniature train, a restaurant  shops, a theater and several other fun activities. Unfortunately there is a ridiculous assumption by tragically cruel cat owners that this part of the city is a good place to dump unwanted cats. The thinking that they can just catch the rats that don't exist. Good god. The animal hospital next door finds itself flooded with rescues with no place to go, and Inga was one of them. She came from a litter with 5 black brothers and the second I saw her I knew she was a gem. And I was right. The crankiest, grouchiest, most ornery gem ever.

Owen was saved from a house that would say anything to get rid of the kittens. I had no idea that he was only a few weeks old and needed to be bottle fed every two hours. This turned out to be the most precious experience yet... and I think the feeding created a strong bond. I adore him so.

Fisher is a (mostly) Maine Coon which means he is the cuddliest teddy bear, and my best buddy. He came from a similar situation as Owen, and he keeps me warm at night.

The only tip I have for you is how to corral three cats for a family picture. It calls for shaking and distributing treats, and then nabbing each cat starting with the smartest down to the slowest. That way no one knows whats coming. As for holding them still for the photo? Beats me.

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