Friday, March 22, 2013

Furry Fridays: Puppies-Puppies

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Meet Sinea of Puppies-Puppies and her cute pups!

Thank you so much, Stephanie & Becky, for inviting me to share my “Furry Friend Story”. My name is Sinea (pronounced SEENA) and next to God and family, dogs are my first love. I can’t imagine life without them, can you?
I am a fulltime blogger. My primary blog is called Ducks ‘n a Row and it’s about organizing, time management, recipes, decorating, DIY projects, family, and so on. It’s lots of fun and growing fast. Why another blog? Because we got a puppy. She was the catalyst. Her name is Sadie, and even before she arrived I had a lot of questions about raising her. It had been years. The more I read, researched, asked and learned I found myself wanting to share about it.
So, I decided to start a blog dedicated to all who love puppies. I call it Puppies-Puppies. It started as a Facebook Fanpage (please LIKE our page!), since blogs take longer to develop. is definitely in its infancy. (I guess you could say it’s a puppy, too.) In fact, I’m still working out the bugs in the URL. It will be fixed soon, till then just use the link in this article and it will take you right there. As you will see, we could use a few followers on the blog, too. (As of this moment, we have 59 Facebook Fans and 3 blog followers, one of whom is ME!)
We have two beautiful yellow labs. Lexi is a big 8 year old English lab that we rescued over 4 years ago. Prior to that, she’d been used for breeding in a puppy mill. (You will soon be able to read her story on Puppies-Puppies. Stay tuned!) The other is little Sadie. She is now 6 months old. Cute as can be and VERY puppy. Sadie is so active that I should have lost weight chasing her around. (I must have increased my eating…I did not lose weight.) I cannot express how thrilled I was when she finally learned “sit”! Then she added “sit/stay” – more than I could have hoped for so early in her training. We still have a lot of work to do, though. She loves pillows and not with good in mind. Running through the house, swinging them around and…if she has time…ripping them up. That’s what she thinks they are there for. Toys! She’ll eventually learn. Until then, many rooms are off-limits.
Big yellow lab with little yellow lab
The two dogs get along well but Lexi is old enough that she doesn’t want to play as much as Sadie does. (Sadie wants to play all the time!) When that happens, I step in and play or go out to toss the ball for her but I’m not a dog. Sadie inevitably will be back jumping on Lexi, looking to wrestle. It’s fun to watch them when Lexi plays, too. Big and little. So cute. Lexi is very gentle with her. Please Join Us: Puppies-Puppies will be offering a repertoire of “puppy things” for all of our dog-loving readers. Stories. Pictures. Puppy videos. Dog care advice. Resources. Everything that those of us who love dogs enjoy. I’m looking for lots of interaction, too. Let’s share. So, if you are a dog lover, stop by both the blog and our Facebook page. Become a subscriber and like our page so that we can stay in touch…Sinea

Sinea blogs at Ducks 'n a Row and Puppies-Puppies // Facebook

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