Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life Minus Husband

Okay, having Jonathan away for weeks at a time sucks like 92% of the time, but it can't be that bad ALL the time. I try to be an optimist so I do think about the awesome shit of being a single roommate most of my days.

- Less cleaning. Dishes, laundry and man dirt. There is only one person here making a mess and no man dirt to be seen so my chores are a little lighter!
- An empty bed. I can lay diagional. I can have five pillows. I don't have to fight to keep four blankets on the bed!
- Less grocery shopping. Dude, Jonathan eats a lot so now my grocery bill and shopping time are cut down.
- No one is here to tell me to stop buying house plants!
- Only me to cook for! Yes, I think I will eat cereal every night this week thank you.
- Want to have a ladies night? Come on over girls because it's open ladies night at Becky's house all weekend!
- Let's face the facts. There is one good spot on the couch and now I don't have to fight anyone for it.
- No man TV shows! When is the last time I had to watch Extreme 4X4? I don't know and I don't miss it!

It's the little things to keep me happy during my Jonathan free time. It's sad but I'm getting by.


  1. love this list, and your positive attitude! and i would SO eat cereal for dinner every night if i could. it's seriously the best. no man shows is a huge plus too!

  2. I think the sleeping in any direction would be the best perk to having a husband away.

  3. I would kill for one night off from Duck

  4. I think I may steal this idea for when Anthony is out of town next week! This is cute - I'm glad you're an optimist :) - Kels @

  5. Haha! This is great, and it means that the time he is home is just that much more special!