Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's been blowing my mind lately

Here's what's been blowing my mind lately and not in a good way.

- For anyone who has been living under a rock brace yourself, Google Reader is outty 5000. I know this seems to be what everyone and their blogging sister has been talking about lately but it blows my mind. I've been using Google Reader forever so now I've been trying the different options out there and we will see which one I like the best.

- So now that issue is out of the way I want to confess that Google+ blows my mind. What am I to do with it? Why do have these circles? Why is it every time I have a new "friend/connection" they end up in all of my circles? Does anyone use Google+ on the regular and is that what Google expects me to do when they diss Google Reader?

- To stay with the Google trend for one more minute, without Google Reader will everyone stop using Google Friend Connect? Is there a reason for GFC to stay around? Does it link to Google+? See this shit has been blowing my mind lately!

- Another thing that has been brought to my attention again recently that blows my mind is Steampunk. Like what really is steampunk? I feel like no one can give me a clear answer on that. There is a steampunk convention near me soon, so should I go there to see what this is all about? The flyer said there will be steampunk films. That opens up a whole new list of questions.

- Dude, health insurance blows my mind. Why is it so crazy expensive? I'm healthy, my man is healthy why do I have to pay hundreds of dollars a month to not go to a doctor. It's just retarded.

- The weather blew Central PA's mind this week. We went from cold and snowy last night to a bright sunny 50 degrees this afternoon. For real? I want spring and open toed shoes.

What's been blowing your mind lately?


  1. So many of these things blow my mind! I don't understand the world! Btw love your blog!
    Much love,

  2. i do not understand google+ either!! like i feel compelled to "follow" ppl back. but for what? i never go on there. also do i list blog friends as "following" or "friends". so many questions.

    also blowing my mind is henry peeing the crate yesterday when he's been fine for months! what gives, dog?! don't you know how hard it is to get your 110lbs self into the tub?!

    1. Ummmm, Henry NO! Why you peeing the cage boy?

  3. haha i agree with a lot of this. i wonder if gfc will be gone too. and i try to use google + but i still don't get it. and i live in western PA and this cold weather is so annoying. i'm over it!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  4. If you use this Link:


    You can import all of your GFC/Google Reader blogs to Bloglovin. It takes about 20 seconds and you wont have to re-follow or bookmark all the blogs you want to keep up with. Hope that helps :)